Best Pedal Pumping Flooring in Heels Women

The Sexy Women of the Pedalezine Ultimate Extreme
February 1, 2010
There are many of us, even in today’s modern world society. Those of us who are caught up in the explicit world of the moderately popular girl foot fetish. Girl foot fetishes that come in all sorts of motivational forms such as exotic tease, worship, fondling, footwear, footplay or even foot domination
among other sorts of the exotic foot desire.

Well how about the foot desire of pedal pumping? As the type that you would like to watch the most gorgeous woman drive her own vehicle down the highway going a standard speed past 50 miles per hour as her delicious, sexy foot is steadily still on the accelerator. Until suddenly for whatever reason, if for no reason at all, she decides to smash that gas pedal to floor and pins it down, leading to the petrifying exhilaration of listening to the engine roar louder and louder, as the speedometer raises to a higher capacity, for the thrill of more speed velocity. Surely, pedal pumping is nothing new. And there are those even now, who have indulged as well as engaged in such a fantasy. However this is not just any other kind of ordinary pedal pumping foot fetish fantasy. It is, you might say, the kinda fantasy for the thrill of a dangerous “pedal to the metal!” The thrill of danger if you will. In a deepest, uncanny, rancid fantasy so insane and even by far the most femdom, being the type that’ll put you in the most disadvantage, to make you love to hate and hate to love. But it only leaves you begging for more. The real deal, pedal pumping rush. The kind of pedal to the metal that rages on and on with shocking outtakes of outrageously heated rides driven by crazed “road warriors”. And the crazy sexy girls who are or course, the road warriors, who not only ache to do it, but as some of them may be very eccentric and vulgar, and probably above all, make you watch them floor that gas pedal constantly over and over to oblivion. Driving you mad, fulfilling your ever so erotic pedal fantasies to true light. And only for the cost of $19.95 per month! The ultimate pedal pumping extreme!! Introducing the elite wonders of Pedal Ezine Ultimate Extreme.

Jessica Lynn
An elegant taste with a giggly like substance or little playful. And seemingly has a bit of trouble trying to hold her foot up and steady on her accelerator almost every time she glares at the nagging chance to just let it down flat. Jessica becomes quite enthusiastic to put in some lead foot action, being behind the wheel of her car. It’s one of her various natures that seems to most likely turn her on at the joy rush of a little engine reaming and fast driving.
Possessing a slender physique and a couple o’ real sweet and tasteful, natural looking size 9’s to go along with it. Cute, nice personality and a pretty down to earth person. Lexi’s the type of girl that comes out with a strong force of velocity for a vixen driver at first. But can never seem to really to put it into high gear whenever she wants, all the time preferably. That is of course, on account of being surrounded by other no talent, slow drivers on the road. Although, it would at times result in her heighten fury to take it out on the car by revving up the engine hard or constantly hammer pounding
on the accelerator to get her to crank on. Not to mention really burying the gas through the floor, trying to get one of the caught tires out of a dirt hole as much as peeling out. Either that or Lexi would like to pretend that another man’s groin is the gas pedal…..
Eve Stone
Eve, definitely not being your ordinary pedal pumper can at times, have a bit of kinkiness in her. That is when comes to the majority of “women and cars, equals sex”. On that note, likes to give that analogy a good race for the money quite literately, as she puts her pedal to the metal. And indulging the puff pounding wind upon her revealing flesh.

Porsha is a 6 foot blonde woman outta the Republic of Czech. Originally quiet, yet very out going.
And with feet of size 10’s absolutely out of this world with zero doubt, to DIE for! Though, Porsha’s foot work is very much, rather soft on the gas, she seems to have no problems proving herself to be a fast driving girl when you listen as she makes the engine sing.
Another down to earth young lady working in Florida as a nurse. But sometimes likes to get crazy behind the wheel for a wild ride, even when enraged. Jamie gets a kick out of constant romping on the gas with her lovely arches.
Carmen comes off as the “sweet and innocent” type by first appearance. With a set of the most prettiest pedicures and taste in shoes, that like Porsha, Carmen also cranks up the velocity with a seldom soft ness. But does put just a bit more pressure into her lead foot aggression. Especially when she drives
Also possessing one of the most beautiful peds to worship out of this world! But Salina is as well as a
moderate driver who sometimes doesn’t mind blowing some steam, putting off nice aggressive high speeds down the freeway. Although, like any other girl, if there’s one thing Salina curses to the very root of the core, it’s being left with a used up, worn out, raggedy piece of junk vehicle that she would have to drive, sometimes even to make an important occasion, flares her up something ferocious. That she’d so cruelly mangle the gas pedal or what’s left of it of the car, trying to get at the desired speed to her satisfaction.
Ashley Grace
A very exquisite young girl of true, good and exotic “Graces”, as well as a sense of erotic dominance. Ashley Grace is the kind with an open mind, a laid back and cool person of mutual bonding. She just as well enjoys a variety sadomasochistic activities towards other men. But her absolute all time favor hobby is taking a breed of exotic cars out on the road for wild, hard test drives while torquing the engine. Yet there are times she tends to get competitive with other guys or even girls for that matter, who think they can drive better than her.
Britney Brooks
A ye’ tall blonde with a nicely stacked figure, who just as well as carries that utter philosophy of “women and cars”. And with a pair of sexy size 5’s as well as a taste for exotic high heels, Britney is definitely without a doubt, a girl for thrill of setting it free as she glides on down the road. As one would watch her floor the gas pedal down flat. But when Britney’s foot goes down, it STAYS DOWN until Britney decides when she wants to come up!
Pitch black headed girl Raven likes to start off with a short, brief moment of slow sensuality. And just
right before you know it, like a rancid devious diva, she gets hot, hard, and heavy with sledgehammer pounding force on her accelerator with horrendous engine torquing when she revs it up or drives it fast, ALL Nonstop. Raven could pretty much careless for whether if a vehicle is tuned up bright and brand new or beat up and scorned. If she gets behind the wheel, she’ll for sure make a ride dearly sorry it every met her to the point that she tries to blow up the engine. Though, for an accumulated filth of junk pile that’s on it’s last days, Raven would consider that she’s showing it mercy by finishing it off other than letting it die out. As of being defined that, “it’s better to fade away in peace than to suffer in turmoil”.
Girls Cranking cars
Ballet Flats Cranking a car

Gianna Ferrari
Can also be defined as the pretty red headed “Gi Girl”. Gianna likes to show off as a bit of a goof ball at times, mixed with a sorta sensuality and seduction when she rolls behind the wheel of an exotic
ride. She most definitely possesses the Pedal to the Metal power of what she refers to pedal pumping
as “pedal porn”. After all, pedal pumping is another kind of erotic foot fetish. Like Britney Brooks, the
Gi Girl loves to put in a super gunning romp through the highway with a bit of her own style of a crazy sexy cool clown lady, one might say.
Another vixen driver from Czech Republic. Leina is a fiend for constantly posing off her sexy arches.
Even when she’s doing some fast driving. Showing off one’s fetish desired illusion of her flooring down on the gas. About half the time you really never can tell if she flooring it not, but she does make it eat the floor, nonetheless. It would considerably be her way of also showing those that she severely itches to floor it when the bad times truly counts.
Megan Jones
There are those who even know Megan as one of the many infamous stars of the pornographic industries. For which many, many porn stars, even those who turn professional, become easily opened to the fetish world. For Megan, she aims to try something different, that of which has brightly sparked her interests. And quickly became turned on the foot fetish o rama of pedal pumping. Hardcore Pedal Action, that is. Before long, she began to develop that likable sassy attitude of a “femdom” driving vixie. Megan knows exactly how to partake is one’s explicit fantasy and loves to take full control
of the situational chance when she leaps behind wheel. Megan always takes to unleash her womanly
power of one road raging ride without anyone’s consent but her own. When one would have no choice but to love it or even hate to love it. She can go both ways from positive and negative reactions depend ing on what type of day she’s having or what kinda mood she’s in, or the kinda mood one would put, let
alone provoke her to be in. Megan is quite volatile and always sees herself to be the one who’s “on top”
as well as being ON TOP. For she now knows there’s nothing like the suspenseful thrill of absorbing the
powerful aftershock of a gas pedal smashed under her foot.

Some would know this young lady from an establishment called “She Fights”. Cindy is known to be somewhat the tomboy feature in full physical contact for activities in wrestling and mixed martial arts. She even enjoys throwing herself on display as live bait for any men who’d be stupid enough to try and take harmful advantage only for him to end up being thrashed to death, for Cindy is the femdom like she wolf out for a hunt. However, if there aren’t any men that she can find just to bloody, bruise and bash up or if she simply has a taste in something different for a day’s sadistic pleasure, she likes to go take her ferocity to the engine of a hot rod. Which turns out to be quite the turn on for her, as she herself would fantasize as the vehicle being the man and his voice is the engine screaming bloody murder as if to dearly plead for mercy. But if anybody knows Cindy well enough, she isn’t the diplomatic kind to even show any mercy. She even sometimes gets a blaze outta strong arm kidnapping a man by binding and gagging him like the struggling cocoon of a caterpillar, then throwing him in the backseat or trunk of a car and punching it to raging high speeds on the express going out to the middle of nowhere just so she can have her physical, evil ways with him. That of being the acquaintance of a total stranger or a full affiliate that knows her well, for that he would tend to annoy her in way, even if it was unintentional.
A nicely slim physiques sienna head girl (who used to be a platinum blonde), actually coming out as the light image or even better version of an Ex Pedal Ezine Girl named Aryana. Jayda is a sweet, down to earth kinda gal with a mellow personality. As one that definitely has NO problems batter ramming her gas pedal and taking it to skyrocketing speeds of over 100 miles per hours or more. She seems as the type who enjoys hanging out and having a good time, as well as a taste for appealing, sexy light colored clothing mostly. Especially in various sets high heels cased around her sexy peds, which also seems to boost her exotic temptation, in that of a real lead foot vixen driver.
Having that appropriate name in being the doppelganger image of the professional female racer Danica Patrick, for a Pedal Ezine model. A 3rd ranking mistress in Tae Kwon Do fighting as well as in Kick boxing and wrestling. Danica even aims to the striving profession in Karate. And is therefore a full hard on mean brawler from “She Fights”. Much like Cindy, Dani too enjoys the enforcing retched beat downs upon other men, whether they are competitive or helpless. Even when she travels with a small pack of friends for man bashing fun. So much as well as the heart fluttering impact thrill of bashing the gas pedal through the floorboard and thrashing her car when she’s reaming the engine and doing psychotic fast driving. Through she has a high tendency to get very ugly when being stuck in a pot hole or especially if her car just won’t start, with those sexy, mature, teenage looking feet of hers, Danica would practically smash the accelerator to bits. Anyone in there right mind would do his very best not to cross her. Danica would otherwise make him out of a “pumping gas pedal”.
The most beautiful, hot petiteness of sun yellow hair from Romania and with the most gorgeous feet
of size 7 to worship for an eternity. Sahara is a working college girl, who’s hobby takes in driving the luxury of hot and new exotic, fast rides. Seeming like an angelic light out of from the universal stars of mystery or as if she may have been cast down from paradise for the wildly prohibition of her tender soul. Yet to embrace the mystical wonders of her own paradise upon others as she would grant their wishes, Sahara seems have quite a seductive appetite in arching down on the accelerator in a constant spew of numerous times even while she speeds like crazy. In such a generous personality, Sahara is like she could be the one that can take all of the hurt and pain of the world crush it clean through ground with one powerful lead foot stomp as she glides like the wind through the path of a sexy joyride. Then again, you can’t exactly have joy without a little pain. Therefore Sahara is also the type in show a joyride who’s the true boss. Or more like the True Goddess to die for.
Misty is the very first model of Lead Foot Imports, what is now known as the Pedal Ezine Ultimate
Extreme. A very gorgeous girl and a pretty cool person. But with a real rebellious attitude, that of being a local street racer with a sense of some sexy class fashion. A sassy type o’ diva that looks out for number one. Misty takes what she wants. Wherever she wants. However she wants. Whenever she wants it. Especially when she gets off on putting it in high gear to full, pound smashing throttle racing, in breaking the laws of the road. And if she says she wants someone to watch her put the Pedal to the Metal, then by golly, they will watch, that is if they would know what’s best for them. Even if someone were to ask her a rather stupid question like, “Why does she break the speed limit of doing 90 in a 60 mile zone?” Her answer putted plain and simple, “Because I can!” Misty is truly without a doubt a hundred percent Pedal Ezine Outlaw.
Amo Morbia
Now this dark indulgence of a gothic girl can be one NASTY custom! Amo almost has the intolerable literacy of the Joker from the “Dark Knight”. You’d never if he was on a good or bad day. You’d never
know what he would do next. As a way that somewhat defines Amo’s characteristics. She is one that seems to enjoy sadistic pleasures of inflicting in activities of Sadomasochism to the EXTREME. As well as modeling dress fashions, sometimes in nearly unspeakable horrid appearances. And God knows
what else this twisted wild child is in to. She’s also the type that can be quick anger in a matter that could lead to a rather unwanted situation, or series of, that in the opposite of Sahara kindreds, Amo can probably unleash a blood raging, demonic wrath like a natural born she devil of the apocalypse. But one thing is most definitely for certain, that is all red lines are amplified on pressure high when she’s behind wheel and on the freeway with the other fellow drivers. Amo becomes an uncontrollable beast, easily fill with a chaotic road rage, speaking fully out of very inappropriate tone and becoming real hateful to other drivers on the express with dramatic and ferocious behavior, as she heinously bangs through the gear shift, constantly racket hammering on the clutch and gas pedal. As she so loves to sadistically push the car to it’s futile limits without sparing a moment’s tiniest peace. All deals are off with this cruel and evil driving vixen. Of course if one is looking for a psycho lead foot that can truly shake the entire vehicle into blundering shatters of scrap pieces, Amo is the girl. But it may be at a priceless cost. So take extreme precautions when approached by the rather likable but fatal likes of Amo Morbia. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE PREVIEW OF THE MAIN SITE CLICK HERE


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